About Us

About Us
shipping services from USA online

The ShippingTo provides shipping services from USA online stores to its customers worldwide. US online market offers some of best and unmatched deals on a huge variety of products to online shopaholics, and the catch is,Shipping in USA is Free! So if you are outside USA, you either bare a huge shipping cost on every item bought or miss out on the package completely.

Get Your
US Virtual Address today!

The ShippingTo lets you in on the deal, with the The Shipping To US Virtual Address all our customers, in around 200 countries, get access to US stores and ship free to our state of the art storage facility at Storage Facility at Houston TX .
Registered users can use their private US Virtual Address as their shipping address on websites, or, they can order via The ShippingTo online buying portal.
Consolidate all your goods and ship to your doorstep whenever you like, saving on shipping cost through package consolidation and amazing shipping discounts offered by The ShippingTo in partnership with our International shipping partners, like, FedEx, USPS, DHL, UPS and others.

is our Top Priority

Our team of experts take pride in providing hassle free experience of online shopping and security is our top priority. shippingto.com is secure via SSL and PCi compliance standards are maintained, to ensure safe financial transactions.

Get Amazing
discounts on Shopping

We make shopping online, fun again. In contribution with our online store partnerships, with, Ebay, Amazon and others, we bring special prices, coupons and amazing discounts on to make your buy worth it.

So, whether you are in, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Japan, and Africa or in India, register now and get started with  The Shop and Ship experience of reliable, fast and easy shopping and Shipping solution.

Enjoy the shopping, leave the cost effective shipping and paperwork for our expert resources to handle for you.