Shipping to Saudia Arabia from USA

ShippingTo provides cheaper shipping and concierge shopping services to deliver online orders to Saudia Arabia from the USA. With your US address, you'll receive instant access to shopping from US online stores like and Ebay, plus shipment and storage at our US facility.

How It Works


Sign up and get your ShippingTo US Address for shipping to Saudia Arabia from the USA. Providing, instant access to shopping from US online stores like and eBay, plus, shipment and storage at our US facility.

2. Shop from US Stores or let us shop on your behalf 

Get the most out of the amazing deals and discounts.

Avail the benefits of our partnership with top brands and stores!

Go big, share your wish list with us. We will buy all the items on your behalf so you receive additional special discounts; also get faster shipping from vendors.

3. Store, Consolidate and Save Big

You can use your ShippingTo US address to save big, buy and ship goods from other online vendors who ship free or offer amazing deals on US shipping.

Provide your ShippingTo US Address as your ship to address on any US retailer website. When your package arrives at our warehouse, we make sure it's in premium condition.

Note: We offer, Send Picture of My Package* option too, 4 photos of received items will be shared with you.

You have liberty to either Store, Consolidate your items at ShippingTo warehouse, (the right way to save on Shipping) or ship your items on a weekly, bi-weekly or Rush delivery for quick shipping. The choice is yours and guarantee is ours.

4. Ship goods to your preferred location

With our premium Gold Membership, select from your Five Preferred Shipping addresses across the globe.

We have teamed up with top, reliable and fast courier service providers including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL to provide cost effective, yet reliable delivery of your products safely at your doorstep.

Our Strategic partnerships also get premium unmatched discounts on consolidated and rushed shipping.

Get a detailed report of your received goods at our facility. Choose from flexible shipping plans monthly or consolidated shipping. Our expert can advise saving on shipping cost and packaging.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Cheap Shipping Rates to Saudi Arabia

Shipping overseas is calculated based on the volumetric weight. So, the more space the parcel takes up on a plane or ship, the more expensive the shipping rates will be. along with other retailers are known for using oversized boxes and don't do a great job of optimizing their packaging. This will lead to increased shipping rates internationally and why using ShippingTo is a better option.

USA Shipping Address for Saudi Arabia

Most USA merchants won’t ship directly to Saudi Arabia, so you'll just need to use a virtual US shipping address. This allows you to receive items to our warehouse and have them forwarded for delivery to your place in Saudi Arabia.